Motherhood and the journey to get there is so full. It’s full of anticipation, desire, hope, fear and lots of questions. Carrying a baby sits you on the precipice of immeasurable change. And yes the emotions can be overwhelming, but I find this season of life to be one of the most tender and raw spaces for women and families.

So when people come to me, trusting me to document their experience, I am grateful. It’s true what they say: it takes a village to do this. And I’m always honored to be a small part of your village.

"We've had such an amazing experience with Kate. She captures authentic moments and is personable and so easy to work with. We had an excellent experience for three different events--maternity, first 48, and newborn. Our reveal session was like hanging out with an old friend and our final album is the most priceless tangible item we own. Thank you Kate!" -Mariana

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