I have a romantic heart, a wild spirit, and a peaceful soul. I bet you do, too. We see this romance and wildness and peace in all of our momentous occasions. You know, the big stuff! Carrying and bringing your babies earthside to loving on your children and raising them into good humans. So journey with me through this messy adventure we call life and I’ll make sure you remember how you felt while you did it.

As a birth and parenthood photographer I consider it an absolute privilege to witness the life of my clients, to hold time and space for everyone I photograph allowing them to be and feel like themselves. I want to make genuine portraits of you in this incredible season of your life. If you invite me into your circle, I promise to document you with the utmost care and respect.

"I would give Kate 100 stars if I could. She puts her whole heart into every shoot and it shows. She photographed our life: couples session, maternity, birth, and newborn. I can't go one day without looking at, at least one photo she has taken. Our birth photos make me cry every single time and I'll cherish her work forever. She's just incredible!" - Julia

Hellen Hunt Falls Maternity Portrait
Hospital Birth Photography
Adding to the Family Maternity Photoshoot