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Birth and Family Photography in Colorado Springs

Your family is your ultimate legacy, your story's best chapter...

You are here because you know that birth and parenting are more than what you have been told. Your intuition tells you it is the beginning of everything. This fleeting time is not only worth remembering, it's worth celebrating every day.

Here at Kate Carlton Photography, our team walks you though the process from family moment captured on film to bespoke art.

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You are creating your legacy.

I have a romantic heart, a wild spirit, and a peaceful soul. I bet you do, too. We see this romance and wildness and peace in all of our momentous occasions. You know, the big stuff... From carrying and bringing your babies into the world to loving on your children and raising them into good humans. Journey with me through this beautiful and messy adventure we call life and I’ll make sure you remember how you felt while you did it.

I consider it an absolute privilege to witness big life moments of my clients, to hold time and space for everyone I photograph. I will make genuine, artistic portraits of you and your family in this incredible season of your life. When you invite me into your circle, I promise to document you beautifully, while supporting you and your family.

"Way beyond a photographer, Kate is a witness of one the most important, empowering and beautiful experiences of your life. I can’t recommend her highly enough - I was moved to tears by the stunning and thoughtful art that she created as she documented my baby’s birth and our whole family a week later. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with our family, Kate!!" -Mary

I welcome and support ALL types of families and birth stories. LGBTQ and Transgender Safe Space.

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