Loving Family Embrace Portrait
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Loving Family Embrace Portrait


I am passionate about family portraits. I make sure that my own family gets them each year too! It is so important to have you all up on your walls in a way that makes you all proud to be up there. It raises your self-esteem and your children’s self esteem and your stunning art pieces are personal. They are you! I take the time to plan and go over all the little pieces to make sure that you are ready and excited and remind you to wear colors that go with your home decor. I have been awarded the title of best portrait photographer in Colorado Springs for two years in a row by Expertise.com

"Kate Carlton is one of the most personable photographers I've ever met. She makes your photography experience feel warm and comfortable. Her professional skills are coupled with her vision for photos which reflect your style and your life. Kate has a unique ability to work with people and capture moments that are the most meaningful and fun. Her style creates stunning portraits you'll cherish for a lifetime." -Ashley

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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