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This is the part of my site where I’m supposed to close the deal. I pitch you on why you need to hire me right this second. And to be honest, that is so not my style. I would much rather be sitting with you having tapas and wine and just talking about how much I want to document your days. Maybe even in Spain … wait, is that too much to ask?

Since we can’t do that, I will just ask you to fill out this form. And when we meet, I will try my very best to bring the tapas and wine vibe with me.

I can't wait to meet you.

"My family and I have had the pleasure to work with Kate for many occasions over the past few years; family portraits, maternity, birth, and newborn. The thing that stands out most about working with Kate is her warmth and positive energy. She is relaxed and fun, respectful, professional, genuine, and always creates an instant connection with us. Kate's stunning work has captured some of our most significant times and powerful moments in a way that is uniquely beautiful to our family. It may be difficult to imagine someone present during as intimate a time as your birth, but having Kate in our birth space provided a calm, positive, and supportive energy and we were so thankful to have had her there. I cherish the photos of our birth and would absolutely do it again. We have loved every occasion we have worked with Kate and look forward to many more as she helps us document our crazy, adventurous life!" -Heather

Kate Carlton
Kate Carlton Photography
10 S 25th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
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Colorado Springs Birth and Family Storyteller