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Colorado Springs Home Birth Photographer
Mother Holds Baby and Child after Birth
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Relief after Birth
Babe with Daddy
Light during Labor
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Chest to Chest
First Family Hug
Born en Caul with a Vail
First 48 hospital birth photographer
Catch my baby
We did it
Colorado Springs Birth Photo
Labor dance in birth tub
Colorado Springs Powerful Birth Photographer
Colorado Springs Birth Photography
Colorado Springs New Birth Photography
Black mamas matter
Colorado Springs Birth Photographers
Fathers Admiring
Baby Reaching Out of the Caul
The catch
Labor Cry
The labor Dance
Littlest Toes
Embracing after Water Birth
Epidural Birth
First cry with the first sigh of relief
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Natural Twin Birth
Father Holds Newborn at Home
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Birth Photographer
Family Celebrates after Birth
Colorado Springs Home Water Birth Photographer
Loving Newborn Birth Photographer


I believe and know first hand that there is such power in seeing your birth in photos. Your birth story is one of the most important stories that you will continue to look back on for your entire life. Your story matters and will be a tale you tell in the first months, first years and even when you are a grandmother talking to your grandkids it will still be a story that shaped you. I know that when you are able to process your birth with photos, the big moments come together in a way that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I tell this to all my clients because no matter how your story unfolds, your birth (each one) will transform you.

Birth happens at any time day or night, falling on holidays or the weekend, and so often in the middle of the night. Your body and your baby are running the show. As a birth photographer, trained doula, and midwife assistant, I honor the sacredness of your birth space. As part of your birth team I get called in once you are in active labor and stay for around an hour or so after your baby is in your arms and we get all your new baby stats documented.

"Kate is truly amazing. She was our birth photographer & took our newborn family photos. I honestly don’t even remember her being there during our birth, she was able to quietly capture the most amazing video & photos, I’d ever seen. I could not even believe it. Our newborn photos were just as beautiful. She has such a gift for capturing true emotion in film. Her presentation, customer service, professionalism, everything is superb. She is truly a beautiful individual inside & out. Thank you so much Kate. We are so grateful to have worked with you." - Jessica and Alvin


A first 48 session is for those that are not ready or able to book a full birth session. These are not a glamorous newborn session. It's not props or wraps. It's about those special first moments of new life. A celebration of parenthood, strength, and love. Where you wear your tiredness and scars like a badge of honor. Collecting memories of your sweet newborn's tiny features, and squishy puffy faces that will all fade away in the next week. It's documentation of the huge amount of love that grows in a tiny 300 square foot hospital or bed room. Sometimes this session is the perfect choice.

"Thank you so much for being a part of our birth journey, we feel so truly grateful you were able to be there and capture these moments. I'm a big ball of emotions looking at all these images of a time I was mentally checked out for. It's so special to be able to see myself in those moments before, during, and after his arrival. What a transition! Thank you for capturing those moments so purely, you truly have a gift." - Rachel

Fresh 48 Session Film

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