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All of my images are a representation of who I am as a person and artist. I bring my whole heart to every single shoot and my work is a result of each and every experience of my life.

Documenting real life around the world helps me to breathe. It soothes my soul whenever its weary and rejuvenates my purpose. Discovering a place for the first time is powerful enough to bring tears to my eyes. And the people! Meeting extraordinary humans from around the world and seeing how life works in different parts of the world teaches me new perspectives and helps me grow. It also has allowed me the amazing opportunity to teach my children about how big the world really is. I owe so much to travel and to those I have met. I am immensely grateful to do this and am honored with every opportunity to go.

It is so important to me to show everyone I photograph that they are beautiful and where the live is magic. I want everyone to feel like they can do anything when they see themselves in my portraits.

"I literally don't have the words to tell you how awesome Kate is! You will be amazed at her professionalism and attention to details. She is fast to edit her images and she gives you a new, refreshing, gorgeous and above all, confident look in all her photos. We first met in Ghana as part of JA Centennial celebration and as an alumnus of JA, she took different shots of me at my office, high school and home- brilliantly refreshing photos. She knows which angles to take photos from and you will always be impressed. If you're looking for a stress-free production process, look no further. Kate's photography is your best ever! I will always endorse Kate!" -Emmanuel

Peace Leader Humanitarian Photographer
Best Humanitarian Photographer
Worldwide Humanitarian Photographer
Humanitarian Photography Teens
Children Painting in Mexico Orphanage
International Entrepreneur Humanitarian Photography
Play for Peace
Sri Lanka Humanitarian Photographer
Women and Children Humanitarian Photographer
Humanitarian Photography
Unique Humanitarian Photographers
Salesman takes a break in Costa Rica
Central America Humanitarian Photographer
South Africa Humanitarian Photographer
International Humanitarian Photographer
Island Humanitarian Photographer
Portrait of a Barber, Jamaica

International Photo Assignments Travel Dates

Travel Dates 2020


Travel Dates 2019

Berlin: November

Vienna: August

Travel Dates 2018

UAE: March

Sri Lanka: April

Mexico: July

Ghana: December

Travel Dates 2017

Iraq: July

Turkey: July

Lebanon: June

Travel Dates 2015

Jamaica: August

Mexico: August

El Salvador: July

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kate on photo projects over the last 6 years and am always amazed with her knack for capturing moments perfectly. She has great and creative ideas and a wonderfully keen eye. Always a pleasure!" -Josh

Birth and Family Portrait Photographer in Colorado Springs | kate@katecarltonphotography.com