Worldwide Humanitarian Photographer
Women and Children Humanitarian Photographer


The first time I traveled to another country my heart grew 3 times its size. I was forever changed and have traveled to many countries and many places on this earth exploring and adventuring and most of all, loving on each person I meet. The need to couple my love for traveling and learning more about other cultures was married happily by finding my first NGO to work with, Junior Achievement Worldwide, where I traveled to different countries and connect with the home offices and meet and highlight in photo stories one or more budding or successful entrepreneurs in their country for a project called 100 Lives. Since then I have worked with many others to continue to help and highlight extraordinary people all over the world giving back in their own communities and their own countries, loving on people while fighting for human needs and basic rights. 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kate on photo projects over the last 6 years and am always amazed with her knack for capturing moments perfectly. She has great and creative ideas and a wonderfully keen eye. Always a pleasure!" -Josh