About Kate

Hey There, I'm Kate!

My decision to work in birth stems from the love of my family.

From running around the yard slaying dragons with my kids to mountaintop kisses with my sweet husband, I believe in life’s extraordinary, ordinary adventures. Life really is a beautiful, wild, heart-thumping thing.

That’s what I’m all about—the heart thumps, the moments that make you feel. I try to see them in my everyday life and to help my kids find them. I want to see my kids grow into who they are without expectations or boundaries. There is so much to learn and I never want them to feel limited. I want them to know it’s not us against the world, it’s us in the world.

Birth photography has been my passion for almost 7 years. After the birth of my first nugget I realized that I had no easy way to process how hard I worked through my 36 hour labor, how my husband never left my side or see the moment when I got so scared right before my son came earthside, because his heart rate dropped. I don't have the images of the first time he was placed on my chest. I can't see me, swimming in a state of such deep exhaustion that I had never known but also swirling in the most monumental moment of my life. I had been a photographer for many years but it was during my messy state of postpartum that knew I was drawn to work in the birth world supporting families as their documentary story teller through labor and delivery.

You deserve to have your story documented!

Are you ready to connect?

I am a trauma survivor. Folks who believed in me and assisted in me finding my voice, changed my life. Now I assist as many as I can who are ready for their voice to be heard.

My heart is balanced between loving on budding families and connecting with inspiring people around the globe in documentary work with NGO's. I can never leave either for long.

People inspire me. Traveling opens my mind and my heart, renewing my work. Trips to document the stories of nonprofits all over the world fill me up in a way that is unique and gives me purpose. This is a giant part of who I am. It reminds me that I am human and my most basic desire is to connect with the community around me. Life is all about finding your village, I hope to be a part of yours.

A connected observer, I pride myself on being a thoughtful photographer that embraces the journey in this adventure we call life.

I live my own life with the steady acknowledgement that it all matters. The big and the small. The hard and the easy. The simple and the complicated. Every experience builds on the last and forms us into exactly who we are supposed to be. I love connecting on the experiences that got you here and watching your family grow. Getting to know my clients and their stories grounds me and allows me to do my best work.

Your birth journey is unique and just yours. You may not realize it, but your photos will help you process your birth story no matter if everything happened exactly the way you wanted it to or not. The time around birth and growing your family will change you and these moments are the ones that every one of my families tell me are the most precious moments they have captured on film.

I am so excited to work with you! Are you ready? Contact me now!

"Kate, you are such a phenomenal photographer, artist and person. Your gift is in how much thought and love you put into every single moment you photograph." -Kendra


I love riding bicycles.

At one time in my life I owned 12 bikes (a type for every occasion) and my garage looked like a bike shop.

I believe in documenting life as therapy.

I find that you don't know your own strength or beauty until you see yourself through another’s lens.


You are safe here.

I shouldn't need to have to note this in 2019, but this is a HATE FREE BUSINESS. Those from every walk of life are not only welcomed but embraced in front of my camera and in my life. I support and am a social justice ally. LGBTQIA+ and the lives of black and brown people matter and should be seen and shown more often in the photography communities. YOU are welcome with me. YOU belong in my village.

Let's do this! Send me a note.


Colorado Springs Birth and Family Storyteller