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Birth Options in Colorado Springs

Birth Options in Colorado Springs

I have worked with many birth spaces across the greater Colorado Springs area since 2013 and am honored to call them friends.

Colorado Springs Hospitals:

Memorial Hospital North

The top two floors in the new three-story tower are dedicated solely to women’s services. In addition to 40 inpatient beds for labor and delivery and postpartum care, the space also includes a nursery, an obstetrical emergency department, a stabilization space for infants that might need to be transferred to the NICU at the new Children’s Hospital, a breast milk bank and two C-section suites.

In every labor suite there is a large tub, lots of space to move around and wonderful nurses.

This is the hospital that The free standing birth center transfers too.

Memorial Hospital Central
This centrally located downtown hospital has a lovely birth center to the right as soon as you pull into the hospital entrance. A quick walk to your delivery room that has lovely laboring suites. This hospital has beds for labor and delivery and postpartum care, it includes a nursery, an OB emergency department and a stabilization space for infants that need attention from the NICU.

This is the hospital that home birth midwifes transfer too.

Penrose Hospital

This hospital is off of north Powers and Woodman with a stunning view of the city. There is one spa room with a tub on the laboring floor for moms to use while in labor.

Evans Hospital

This is Colorado Springs military hospital on Fort Carson and the delivery floor is run by a team of midwives.

Colorado Springs Birth Center:

Beginnings Birth Center

Supporting holistic care before, during, and after birth, the Certified Nurse Midwives at this free standing birth center provide a wide range of midwifery services, including the option of a water birth and a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), they provide additional support and care in women’s health with services like:
Family planning, preconception counseling, annual exams & mental health care.
Lactation consultations, childbirth classes, chiropractic care, & massage therapy
Round out your care making this your best birth & women’s health care experience yet!

Just a few of the Colorado Springs Midwives I have worked with:

Christie Shaffer, Blue Columbine Birth

Christie offers families evidence based, compassionate and comprehensive care that makes your pregnancy and birth journey a truly special, empowering and amazing experience. One of the most important things to Christie is making sure that each family feels that their unique needs are met in a way that makes them feel well attended and safe! By keeping a small practice, limiting the amount of clients each month, Christie is sure that she will have the clinical time and loving energy to put into every one of her clients and their families. Christie builds up a strong, close and individualized relationship with the families that she works with.

Demetra Seriki, Mother's Choice Midwifery

In this practice, you will find a young African American woman who greets each visitor with a hug. Her hospitality is warm and gracious, offering food and drinks to those who enter. Her energy is contagious and her smile brings comfort to those who are worried and burdensome.
In this place, no one is turned away, all are welcomed with love and light. The days are long here, bustling with the pitter patter of tiny feet, the sounds of an unborn baby's heart beat. In this place, a listening ear comes first and the clinical decisions are second. In this place, home visits are common, herbal remedies recommended and holistic health is embraced. No preconceived judgment passed, no shamming, however, what you will find is a sacred space where all are welcome.

Tiffany Jorgenson and Lauren Blease, Mountain Miracles Midwifery

Mountain Miracles Midwifery strives to provide evidenced-based and family-centered care to the women of our community. We believe that pregnancy, birth, and menopause are normal processes and intervene only when there is a deviation from normal. We believe that every woman should have the privilege to choose where and how she desires to birth and have the option of home birth with a certified nurse-midwife in her community. We believe in the continuity of care and provide health promotion, disease prevention, and health education while collaborating with other members of the healthcare team. We believe that the woman is a partner in her health care and advocate for informed choice, shared decision-making and the woman’s right to make decisions for herself.

Carmen Lackett, Mother to Mother Midwifery

Carmen is a home birth midwife. Her training and intent was only to practice in the home birth setting. When hiring her you get comprehensive care, time to ask all of your questions, time for you and your family to get to know her, time for you to discuss your hopes, plans and desires for your birth .

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