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Birth Poems

Birth Poetry

Poems written for my clients birth experience.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be captured in poetry or have a poem written for you? How about a personalized piece of poetry about one of the most life changing moments you will ever experience?

Collaboration is important to me - with birthing parents, with labor support teams, and also with community and artists. That’s why I have linked my work with a Colorado writer and poet, Shelby Yaffe. Shelby helps me to provide a unique and amazing experience for the folks I work with. She uses my photography and takes my notes of clients’ stories to craft personalized authored pieces that are a gift from us to the families that are welcoming a new little one (or multiple new little ones!) into the world. There is rarely a dry eye in the room when the final unveiling of my work is presented along with one of her poems. We work together to capture the feeling and essence of your most precious and personal moments, and to bring them to life in a special, beautiful way.

Event poetry about your family, wedding, blessingway, baby shower etc is available as a purchased add on from your photo session and is treasured to add into an album or display on the wall with a favorite image.