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...and some photos of what my life looks like

I believe there are few feelings greater than being at an airport or packing your car for a road trip; the world is open to you.

Kate Carlton Photographer

I lived and worked in Yosemite National Park for a year and when I go back to visit it feels like a home away from home.

We have a super wonderful cat named Bruce Wayne who is much more like a puppy than a cat. He greats me at the door every time I come home. We also have a sweet puppy named Robin who is Bruce's partner in taking over the world.

I have been to and adventured on six of our seven continents a lot on assignment for international nonprofits, but my great grandmother's lake cottage in Michigan was my place of pure peace.

My dad lived in Nigeria, Africa and did all the cooking growing up. Staple meals in my house included things like groundnut stew and every kind of curry. I didn’t even try meatloaf or corn dogs until I was in my late 20’s!

I love watching travel and cooking shows and took a lot of inspiration from Anthony Bourdain for my life, and now I dream about being on Amazing Race some day.

I lived in Valenica, Spain and crave tapas and sangria in the afternoon from Sagardi.

Kate at Bona Vista Nursing home

I love the theater. (Theaterworks season ticket holders) There is nothing better than being swept into a story.

I eloped with my husband! Bare-footed we stopped passersby in a park in Oregon to be our witnesses after petitioning a judge for a same-day license. Saying I am spontaneous might be an understatement.

My grandfather worked on the Manhattan Project and my grandmother gave birth to her first born in Las Alamos after walking miles to their home after her water broke in a grocery store.

My husband is an army vet and now a high school English teacher with a masters in education. He is my biggest supporter and the very best father and life partner.

I thrive as part of a supportive community and love on my photography families like I do my own.

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